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2021-07-28 08:04:23
A stroke happens when there is interruption or stoppage in blood supply to the brain or It occurs when a blood vessel ruptures or bleeds in the brain. When a blood vessel ruptured it prevent the oxygen and blood supply to the brain. Body parts which are controlled by the affected or damaged area...
2021-07-28 08:01:14
Interventional Radiology The main idea behind interventional radiology is to provide safe and minimally invasive procedures to the patient, the reason people call it vascular interventional radiology is that this field of medical deals with various blood vessels diseases and...
2021-07-15 06:01:52
Brain stroke is one of the major killers in India, and one main reason for that is 90% of patients failed to reach the treatment on time.  As per the best interventional radiologist in Delhi Dr. Arvind Nanda “the rise of brain stroke causes in India is lifestyle changes”. Brain...
2021-06-30 09:25:33
Brain stroke is serious life-threatening condition, this is also known as cerebral stroke; there are three major types of brain stroke known as acute ischemic stroke, brain hemorrhage, and TIA stroke. Stroke occurs when there is blockage in blood supply towards our brain, when there is cut in...
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