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2019-04-19 13:36:16
Why is there so much buzz around MVP these days? Do you ever wonder? And if you are a startup you may have read it in many blogs. Every other company is starting out with MVP. So you decided you will too. But before you jump in the preparation, let me ask you what do you understand of MVP? Is it a...
2019-04-08 08:22:34
Taylor Otwell has truly revolutionized the entire web app development process. The laravel framework launched back in 2011 has simplified developers work. But, what exactly is laravel?   Well, Laravel is an open, PHP framework developed to ease the development process of a web application....
2019-04-05 11:06:10
These are all marketing professionals including both beginners and expert, now you have to distinguish the expert from the novice. Try doing it!   Could you identify the one? I am sure you did not! How would you? They have dressed alike and all are smiling at the camera. There is nothing in...
2019-03-27 09:14:33
After a month of React Native 0.59 being in beta phase, the team has finally brought its produce to the table. The latest RC0 version is a solution to all the problems users had complained about. They worked hard to improve the user’s experience and the result has gotten all React Native...
2018-07-10 12:21:49
  So, your app is ready and you want to launch it in the market? Yes, of course, you want it. During the launch of your app, you are full of mixed emotions of excitement and stress. During this rollercoaster ride of mixed emotions, you might miss out on the right marketing plan to launch...
2018-07-06 10:38:37
Developing an app is not an easy task. The mobile app startups face big challenges while creating an app. Their main challenge is to satisfy the customers. Fast updates are needed in the apps because the mobile app market is very competitive. The developers face huge challenges while creating an...
2018-04-17 20:18:25
If you are from the internet generation, you must have got the idea about what IoT - the Internet of Things is. The emergence if IoT in simplest terms has gone up in our lives. Be it smart homes apps, fit bands apps, google glasses or any other smart device - Internet of Things is bringing smart...
2017-11-11 16:39:21
  I want to be my own boss- a dream that millions of startupreneurs live for. That is also a reason why following their dream and establishing something of their own is a life goal. You too have it. Don’t you? You’ve got your salon business set up after so many hurdles. Your...

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