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2021-12-04 01:04:49
If you are one of the wig beginners, you are probably confused by all kinds of wigs and bundles, such as human hair weaving wigs, synthetic wigs, headband wigs, lace front wigs, etc. How to choose the right wig is the most important question when buying wigs. We are here to help you clear out the...
2021-10-20 10:08:14
Loose Deep Wave Weave is another style of bundles that is popular among wig and bundle lovers. The hair has a certain wave and creates a summer beach vibe, which is perfect for matching the beach vacation and casual styles. The loose deep wave hair is perfect for people who want to try new...
2021-09-02 10:21:56
Having a wig can upgrade your looks and styles, and provides convenience for people who suffer from hair loss and hair thinning. but the truth is that wearing an UNice hair wig requires proper maintenance to prevent the hair from tangling and losing style. A wig that's full of tangles can look dull...
2021-08-06 08:07:42
In the mid of summer, you might have plans to do a make-over for embracing the summertime. And since the summer is an ideal time for you to refresh your haircut and attempt shaded wigs and hair bundles for the beach, party, and vacation. But it's difficult to wear hairpieces or weaves because of...
2021-06-23 09:53:18
The summer season is usually hotter, and it can not only damage your natural hair but your wig too. That extreme hot weather can interfere with the wig’s natural shine, leaving it humid and itchy. If you are new to wig-wearing and still don’t know much about wigs, you should know that...
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