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2018-12-08 15:40:36
One of the highlights of any New York City walking tour is the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge that connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The bridge's Gothic stone towers inspire awe and bridge engineering passion in many visitors. The bridge, which spans the East River, was a modern...
2018-12-08 15:26:40
1. Preparing for the Vetting Inspection The onboard inspection can only be successful if the tanker is prepared for the inspection. The inspector who is to carry out the inspection will start to collect impressions from even before the time he takes his first step onto the gangway and will...
2018-12-08 15:15:55
Building a flat wooden bridge can really be great fun and involve the entire family as a project. We have a small stream running to our lake that in most areas is about ten feet wide. The embankments are about three feet high on each side so we chose one of those areas for our bridge. I decided...
2018-12-08 08:17:28
There are many products that are widely used in the construction industry today that are taken for granted. Most people don't even think about what their business would be like if the products they depend on were never invented. One great example is wire rope. This product is widely used in...
2017-11-11 16:39:21
First of all, it is very important to know the concept, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of juice fasting. The problem is that juice fasting is frequently misconstrued. In fact, it can cause more harm than good if not handled properly. Do not embark on a so-called fasting program without...
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