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2018-06-29 07:20:09
Acidity is a common disorder each one of us has faced atleast once in our lifetimes. Acidity makes one feel nauseous and uneasy. Normally, acidity is considered a by-product of stress, unhealthy and untimely eating habits, alcoholism, lack of physical exercises. What is acidity? Acidity is also...
2018-06-20 05:04:19
Kidneys are bean-shaped organs in human beings and mammals. They are responsible for filtering waste products in the human body. There are 2 kidneys in every person. If the kidneys do not perform their tasks properly, there are chances that it could lead to kidney failure. Buildup of waste products...
2018-06-06 05:08:02
Anatomy of Prostate Gland:   Prostate gland is a pelvic organ exclusive to male gender only. It contributes to the formation of seminal fluid and helps in ejecting it out of the male body. Prostate gland forms an important part of the male reproductive system and contributes to various...
2018-05-11 05:09:17
Dental Extraction The term itself can cause discomfort to many people. Even though dentistry today has enhanced its focus on preservation of teeth and associated structures rather than its removal, there may be a time when the removal of tooth will prove to be beneficial in the long run. With...
2018-04-13 05:27:14
What is Bariatric Surgery?   Bariatric surgery a.k.a. Weight loss surgery is a procedure which involves altering the anatomy of the stomach and some portion of intestines. This helps in reducing the quantity of food the stomach can hold at a time, thus accelerating weight loss. Bariatric...
2018-02-09 09:49:22
Blood pressure is the layman term for describing hypertension. To decipher the meaning of the same, it makes sense to dissect the word hypertension. Hyper means high and tension means stress. Simply put, hypertension is blood pressure that is beyond the advisable limit. Read on to find out the...
2017-11-30 04:56:32
Sinuses are empty spaces present under your facial skin, around your airway passages of your nose. These empty pockets generate mucus. The function of the mucus is to clean the air that we breathe from bacteria and other harmful particles. However, if mucus gets contaminated with bacteria itself,...
2017-11-11 16:39:21
Among the largest joints of the body, the knee joint is a type of modified hinge joint which handles the way we walk, run and skip about our daily lives. It is capable of performing movements like flexion, extension and a few rotational movements. The greatest football players and athletes owe...
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