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2019-03-11 12:55:36
Employee Background screening services are becoming increasingly necessary in the fast-evolving recruitment needs of today. Nowadays interviews and discussions are increasingly becoming digital and hence the need to establish trust quickly is getting stronger. Organizations are keen on creating a...
2019-01-16 11:59:40
Hiring the right person isn't easy. According to studies conducted on recruitment trends, corporate job postings attract 250 candidates on average; however, only a handful will ever make it to the interview process. Once you've weeded out prospective employees that don't have the necessary...
2018-08-09 07:50:59
It is great to learn that you have decided to make a career in background verification industry. The next logical step would be to find out the different positions that you can apply to become an integral part of this industry. But, before we look at the different positions and the different skill...
2018-07-16 07:08:59
The process of employee background verification in India is still at an infancy stage. Although, background verification has always been on the radar of HR professionals, its role has been limited to verification of educational documents and past experience letters. But, with the recent rise in...
2018-07-05 14:05:54
As a recruiter, you always try to find the best talent for the organization. But, the question is: are the candidates showing their true nature when they give their resumes during the interview? In such a short span of time, it is impossible to know the true nature of the candidate. Most of the...
2018-06-14 07:32:35
Every recruiter works with the objective of selecting a great talent for their organization. But, finding the right talent can be a challenge. After posting your job descriptions on job boards, there is every possibility of receiving hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. The difficult part is to...
2018-06-02 09:37:07
As an employer, you want to make the best hiring decision by recruiting the right person for the vacant position. But, when the base of your decision is entirely dependent on the information provided by the candidate and the references provided by them, it is impossible to get the entire picture of...
2018-05-16 08:44:43
Pre-employment background checks look quite simple on paper, but when it comes to implementing it, things are not so rosy. In fact, things are more complex than you can ever think. It is important to update yourself with the latest rules and guidelines pertaining to the legal compliance of...

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