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2018-09-25 00:39:23
The subject of marriage could sometimes be just as fascinating to those who hope to get in as it is frustrating for those who are now looking for an opportunity to get out. When a couple gets into a certain level of emotional intimacy while dating, the one thought that usually fills their minds is...
2018-09-24 21:57:25
Every serious entrepreneur desires to grow from their present level to the next. No matter how large the business may have become, there is always potential for growth, either in the market where it is now serving or in some other market that is yet to be exploited. Sometimes, businesses are forced...
2018-09-20 12:12:26
It is the 21st century and with all the information about leadership going around, it seems there are more people who want to lead than there are actual positions of leadership. That leadership thing seems to be in all of us, though more strongly manifest in some than in others. There is clearly a...
2018-09-03 14:41:23
Every now and then, one has to go through an interview. Going through an interview without knowledge of some important job interview tips could seriously compromise your chances of getting a job. The interview process is so important that it actually determines whether one gets a job or loses yet...
2018-08-24 11:23:06
Infertility is one of the most common problems men face and it could be very disturbing especially when one is married. There are actually several different reasons why a man may not be able to impregnate a woman. Most men who face infertility problems become depressed by the situation because they...
2018-07-31 01:40:28
Sales is an important part of every successful company. No matter how great the products and services of a company are, there is a role that a sales person must play to ensure its success and advancement. That role is very closely related to their selling skills. The effectiveness with which these...
2018-07-27 23:40:38
As expensive as phones can be, they sometimes get missing. That is worse than the phone even getting bad. There are so many ways you can recover data and maybe repair a phone when it gets bad but if your phone is lost, unless you are able to recover the phone, any data that was not backed up to a...
2018-07-20 21:30:52
Not too many people have a passion for writing. But sooner or later, most of us come to the realization that it is really something worth learning. Writing is one of those things one has to do at one point in life or the other. It could be a research paper, an article, a book or maybe just poems....
2018-07-04 10:56:24
In a world and generation where investing has become a very common conception and practice, there are many more people getting into the act with little or no preparation. It is unthinkable that anyone, in his or her right senses will venture into a business, spend time and money, exude energy and...
2018-06-28 13:54:25
In the course of the human life cycle, several types of relationships are established of different magnitudes and consequences, but the relationship between a parent and a child is probably the most significant in a person’s life. A parent-child relationship which leads to effective parenting...
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