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2019-01-28 06:48:35
A car is often considered as a status symbol in Indian society. Many people buy a car just to fulfil their dream of owning one. A couple of decades ago, owning a car was only possible if you were loaded with money and back then, it was out of reach for the common man. Things have changed today, all...
2018-02-15 09:42:01
Amongst the various mind-boggling questions that life throws at us, viz; how do I secure my family? How do I find my child’s education? Should I buy a Life Insurance cover? The question of ‘How is a Term insurance premium calculated reigns supreme. Read one to go through the...
2017-03-28 00:28:58
Mr.Karthik is a 33 year old IT professional. He had bought a health insurance plan for Rs.3 lakh when his son was born 3 years back. Plan extends coverage for all three of them-himself, wife and his only son. Suddenly, he met with an accident and got admitted to the hospital. His medical bill shot...
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