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Technical Blogger, Consultant and Researcher of technology trends. I Enjoyed writing and share my research and work with others.
2021-05-13 07:22:52
When looking for an eCommerce development company, there's more to look at besides hourly rate & on-time project delivery. As per the MarketingSignals survey, 90% of eCommerce platforms fail in wooing clients after 120 days of release. So, researching and choosing the best eCommerce retail...
2021-04-29 09:31:23
If you are thinking of food delivery app development! You will find it interesting that the online delivery market is expected to cross a whopping $151,526 million worldwide by 2021, as per Statista.  The COVID-19 pandemic proved disturbing to diverse industry verticals and has however led to...
2021-04-01 07:39:15
With digital currency gaining recognition from governments, business enterprises, etc., the digital world is facing a stunning rise in cryptocurrency development. As per software development stats, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization topped $1.7 trillion. The growing rage and race for...
2021-03-12 07:21:39
As per software outsourcing stats, the m-healthcare market is expected to cross a whopping 100 billion USD by the end of this year, i.e., 2021. Leveraging this incredible growth, multiple startups, SMEs, big billion enterprises, etc., are investing in healthcare software development...
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