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2016-10-15 15:39:49
There are many medications and physical conditions that may abnormally enhance liver enzymes. If liver enzymes increase due to any other reasons, the AST or ALT results may not come accurate, which may even impair treatment procedure. Liver Enzyme Tests Raised quantities of liver enzymes may...
2016-03-25 09:02:44
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration asks the interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers to maintain a current Medical Examiner’s Certificate to drive through the states with their commercial vehicles. They need to undergo DOT physical test to get relevant medical certification...
2015-09-17 11:49:19
Most of us have reasonable expectations that we get special attention and treatment when we go to the emergency room for an urgent care. But, What Actually Happens!While most common illnesss and injuries can be treated at our home place but people who are an example of serious health conditions or...
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