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2021-11-08 10:18:41
There are many hookah smokers out there who are always fascinated about knowing and trying out various hookah accessories. There are several accessories which one needs to buy to get the desired hookah session with dense smoke. Out of all the accessories, the hookah bowl is one of the hookah's...
2021-10-02 08:00:38
No one in this world doesn't know about Al Fakher tobacco. This is one of the most popular brands of all time. This brand crafted the finest tobacco of all time. Now, that is what every hookah smoker would want to try! But, you must be wondering what Al Fakher tobacco flavors are? How to pack your...
2021-10-02 07:54:03
When one is starting to smoke hookah for the first time, there might be many questions that may strike the mind of the new smoker. However, a common question strikes every new hookah smoker: how long will the buzz of the hookah session last? This is one of the most ordinary doubts which often...
2021-06-14 13:59:00
So, are you the one who has recently fallen in love with hookah? Are you arranging your first hookah party at your terrace and surprising your friends with your capability? Then you must know some basic and necessary facts that are crucial for proceeding towards a special hookah session. Remember,...
2021-04-27 13:14:02
Being a hookah enthusiast, have you found yourself getting bored with trying the bland flavors for seasonal purposes? Then it's high time to think about something different. Trying out something different has always been exceptional and diverse, be it with flavors, coal burners, charcoals, or the...
2021-03-23 08:24:56
“Hookah is like a woman; you have to work with her before you can get the white smoke to come out.” True! Isn’t it? Your hookah is like a million bucky woman who needs your intense care and regular maintenance. Most of the ardent hookah lovers love to party harder with friends...
2021-01-19 05:47:59
When the world is stressed about the covid infestation, hygiene is perhaps the only precaution that the world is taking to stay away from facing the adverse scenario. In such a scenario, hookah parlors have been brainstorming to find out ways to save their business while ensuring the safety of the...
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