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2017-03-22 12:04:59
Marketing is all about reaching people and influence their thinking, invoke a change in their behavior, giving them a call to action. The only way to bring that change in perception is to be where audience is engaging and spending time. So why is Instagram important for marketers? Launched in the...
2017-03-16 12:20:50
Like other organizations, your business is likely juggling with an intersection of various changes that are surmounting the familiar gambit you have always to communicate and connect with your prospects and customers. Growing demographic diversity, the acceptance of interactive technologies and...
2017-03-14 20:34:35
The blogging world is continuously expanding. What worked 5 years ago, may not work today. What’s not popular today may be a big hit in the coming year. Keeping up with the latest blogging trends maybe difficult and hence some famous and well- known bloggers burn out and some others grow...
2017-03-07 15:43:13
Facebook undoubtedly is one of the biggest platform of Social Media. Almost 80% of the world’s population is active on facebook including big brands & companies. The communication posts posted on brands’ facebook page helps the brand to reach its maximum target audience &...
2017-02-03 13:52:02
Who are Disabled People? Throughout centuries, the disabled have been oppressed marginalized and stigmatized in almost all societies. They constitute a section of the population, which is most backward least served and grossly neglected. Person with disability are the poorest of the poor and...
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