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2017-03-09 12:39:08
Summary Cancer diagnostic tests play a significant role in the treatment of cancer. The several types of tests include- Complete Blood Count (CBC), Tumor marker tests, Circulating Tumour cell tests, etc. Here, also know about blood cancer symptoms and importance of cancer tests! Body Cancer is...
2017-02-07 13:05:54
Summary TLC blood test is a type of test that helps to measure the amount of white blood cells present in the blood. Here, you will also get to know about how to increase or decrease TLC level in the blood, what are the natural treatment options, what do the test results mean,...
2017-01-25 02:51:43
A Newborn Screening Test is a test that helps in the identification genetic, metabolic and developmental disorders in the newborn babies. The process involves running a few blood tests, a hearing test and a heart related test. It’s highly advised that the tests must be done within 24 hours to...
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