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2017-01-03 13:16:39
If you are reading this article, I am compelled to picture that you want people to read and learn your thoughts and probably you already have some ideas to publish a book. The best and the easiest way to let people know about your work is to go for creating an eBook. Self-publishing is easier than...
2017-01-03 13:16:39
Books can be a person’s best friends forever! Books are the guiding light to wisdom! Books are life for many! Books teach us, preach us on numerous real life experiences that symbolize our lives in one or the other manner. A good book read is something that allures the reader. Conventionally,...
2017-01-02 13:43:04
Reading books is an incomparable pleasure that nothing else can give a person. Those that have discovered reading have unlocked the door to visit many worlds. Reading about adventures, fantasies and science leaves you all the more hungry to explore new realms. A visit to the library or a bookstore...
2017-01-02 13:43:04
The love of reading never seems to fade away. Even after the development of different types of media such as the television, people still love the allure and charms of a good book. However, nowadays people don’t have to carry around lots of books with them while traveling. Reading is just a...
2016-12-07 10:37:35
Reading books is an age old hobby that cultivates our mind and our thought process like never before. With the digital technology pitching in, most of us have moved to online reading. Not just for readers, even for authors who are looking at options to publish an eBook and those who are searching...
2016-12-07 10:37:35
It cannot be denied that e-books have changed the whole reading market like no other phenomenon has ever done before! The introduction of books in the electronic format seriously helped readers and has a lot of benefits. Of the many reasons to choose an e-book, here are a few: Convenience...
2016-12-02 17:11:56
The modern day literary works face plenty of dilemma when it comes to avenues for publishing works. There are different types of publications that cater to not just the general population but to niche areas including the best fiction novels. The proliferation of the Internet has only added to the...
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