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2018-10-16 10:38:54
Overview Dietary changes surely help in reducing the Ulcerative Colitis symptoms. Diet is often recommended based on the person’s reactions to food, their medications, and symptoms. The diet should be modified by eliminating food allergens. There are some general dietary recommendations to...
2018-06-20 11:40:43
Ayurvedic overview According to Ayurveda- Ancient system of medicine word ‘madhumeha’ is used for diabetes. Doshas Aggravation of vata dosha due to dhatukashya (tissue depletion) is major cause of diabetes. Kapha dosha and kapha medha avarna (fatty tissue) is responsible for...
2017-08-15 11:17:15
Are you allergic to food items, pollen grains, sting bite, certain drugs and many more? Though, healthy people are happy with seasonal changes but people with allergies run for their life. Allergies are the results of our immune system’s response to an allergen which is not harmful in real....
2017-08-02 16:40:24
You will never know just how much value your breath holds until you cannot breathe. Asthma is one of the most common chronic obstructive diseases in which the person cannot breathe properly. Home remedies can treat asthma very easily. During an asthma attack, muscles around the airway linings...

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