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2020-08-16 06:22:06
People love to guess. This is so obvious about us. Otherwise there is no reason why astrologers manage to make so much of money. It is in our instinct to get and that is why we sometime resort to astrologers and pandits to make it pretty sure that our guess is 100% accurate or not. Now, since you...
2020-08-16 06:13:55
Now, it is an archaic tale. This actually goes beyond the era of apps and even mobile. There was a man, Ratan Khatri, who was known as ‘matka king’, i.e. the best one to lead the game of matka guessing. Ratan Khatri matka has therefore maintained its popularity since the time of its...
2020-08-14 11:21:35
Every stared at the night skies and watch constellations of stars aligning in such beautiful patterns. Now, isn’t it fascinating to know that the alignment of stars decides your fate? And right now if you are reading this story and enjoying it then just know one thing; you are wasting your...
2020-08-14 11:06:34
Now, this is a very old tale, a man bought a matka filled with milk and he kept that in his home. That particular night he dreamt that he will make ghee out of that milk kept in the matka and sells it to buy sugar. Then he makes sweets and become sweet retailer and then he buys cows and slowly and...
2020-08-14 10:57:27
Now humans and bees, you must be thinking that why am I drawing this comparison. Well, just listen to me; we share a very unique kind of relationship. Bees are hardworking creatures. Throughout their life they search nectars of flower and collection enough so that honey can be made out of it in...
2020-08-13 07:50:27
Probably the day was quite heavy; maybe not a single thing went according to your wish. But you do not have sunk your heart beneath the ocean and night is still alive, right here in Kalyan night matka. Now out of all matkas ardent players know it very well that Kalyan matka shows the best results,...
2020-08-13 07:28:24
Have you ever imagined the life of royalty? You just ask of something and it gets presented right in front of you with silver platter. Now, that is what I call a regal, that’s all you must be thinking right now. But for once thinking with a tiny bit of pragmatism all that royalty and luxury...
2020-08-13 07:06:28
Ever wondered how does it feel when you are the boss? Each and everything works as per your wish and everything circulates under the strong grip of your hands, now this is what I would call boss. But you need to know one thing; there is always a difference between the cattle and the lion. Cattle...
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