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2020-03-26 08:25:59
Dear Colleagues, as some of you may recall, when I was a professor of pathology at the University of California San Diego, I was one of the first molecular virologists in the world to work on coronaviruses (the 1970s). I was the first to demonstrate the number of genes the virus contained. Since...
2019-12-28 06:29:16
To have healthy hair is everyone’s dream as it adds to the personality of a person. In today’s time, it is very common to see baldness at a young age. Premature greying and baldness leads to depression in the person. There could be many reasons behind the hair fall, one could have a...
2018-05-04 21:19:37
A federal judge expressed strong criticism and skepticism on Friday in the bank fraud case brought by special counsel Robert Mueller's office against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. At one point the judge irate saying he believes that Mueller's motivation is to oust President Donald...
2017-07-03 14:58:29
Best Waterproof Digital Cameras:     Are you looking for a waterproof camera, a camera that goes underwater or a waterproof camera that will allow you to use your camera underwater? So you are in the right place because on our site you will discover selections of the best aquatic...
2017-07-03 14:58:29
Best Chip Fryers:   When people hear the word fryer, they remember the fries, which is popularized in the fast food cafeteria. They also remember American cuisine, which offers specialties for cooking chicken, beef, donuts and more. And to make these dishes based on various tests, one needs...
2017-05-22 09:36:00
Waterproof Digital Camera:A quick guide about Waterproof cameraWaterproof camera are mainly created for those who love to take photographs in or around water. However, water will not usually damage any parts of a normal digital camera, but the image quality of normal digital cameras and waterproof...
2015-10-28 14:01:43
On the heels of multiple off-field issues bringing his maturity and commitment into question, the Houston Texans announced they have decided to cut ties with quarterback Ryan Mallett on Tuesday.  John McClain of the Houston Chronicle first reported the news. Adam Caplan of ESPN noted Mallett...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
      Breakups are quite a challenge for everyone and managing a breakup well will really depend on the individual and how they approach it. Every breakup should be treated as a learning opportunity.   After a breakup, keeping an inventory or a collection of all the...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
Bradley Manning, the former soldier convicted of the biggest leak of U.S. classified documents regretted today before a court martial "that his actions have hurt people and the United States.""I understand that I must pay the price," said the former intelligence officer in Iraq facing the judge...
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