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2021-02-03 14:16:40
Shera is one of the top building board brands in Thailand with a wide range of applications. Buyers can select the right Shera board for their specific requirement (ceiling, wall, floor, etc.) and be satisfied with the quality and durability offered. The company’s specialized manufacturing...
2021-01-03 13:58:10
The construction industry has been evolving with time and adapting to the contemporary models of business as we move ahead. The industry is open to new platforms and acquisition methods to optimise the cost of procurement across the essential categories. One of the major part of this shift includes...
2020-11-08 17:56:31
With intensified competition in the construction industry, effective procurement of building materials, when building materials are purchased online, plays an extremely important role in timely project execution and closure. A procurement strategy is a long-term plan designed to source the required...
2020-09-03 11:06:07
Conventionally produced concrete may pose several challenges, in terms of workability, quality, and cost-effectiveness, which is why construction firms are increasingly opting for ready-mix concrete. Ready mix concrete price points are also more consistent across suppliers, giving greater...
2020-07-30 06:50:53
Ready-mix concrete refers to concrete that is batched for delivery from a central plant rather than being mixed at the site of construction. Every batch of ready mix concrete is customized and tailor-made as per the requirements of the contractor. The cement mix is then delivered in the unhardened...
2020-03-11 06:57:12
When it comes to construction and building processes, there are many important decisions that need to be made. One of the key decisions revolves around choosing the right building material supplier. This is important, especially to ensure that your construction project achieves optimal results. The...
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