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Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She studied at Colorado State University and now enjoys writing about health, business, and family. A mother of two wonderful children, she loves traveling with her family whenever she isn’t writing. You can find her on Twitter @anitaginsburg.
2020-10-22 20:40:58
Accent walls have become an important part of the home decorating world. These walls are an easy way to add a splash of color and personality to a room without overwhelming it, allowing homeowners a quick way to put their own stamps on a space.  While you can simply paint your accent wall and...
2020-10-20 23:02:44
When it's time to get your next car, you will have to decide whether to buy a new vehicle or a used but reliable one. Either choice comes with benefits and drawbacks. Here are some points to consider before you make your purchase. New Car Benefits If you decide to look for a new car for sale,...
2020-09-28 17:12:12
Equestrian sports are popularly known as horseback riding in America and horse riding in the UK. It is a broad term for anything to do with having a ride on the back of horses. It is one of the best skills to teach a kid who is above seven years of age. Many kids love horse riding, so it...
2020-09-10 17:28:20
Every relationship goes through challenges. Even a successful marriage will come with many, many hiccups, arguments, and rough patches over the years. However, there sometimes comes a point when it’s not worth staying together anymore. However, how do you tell the difference between when it's...
2020-08-27 18:34:37
As the world enters the dawn of the era of artificial intelligence and self-driving cars, the improvements seen in new vehicles are almost too difficult to keep track of. Technology is evolving at breakneck speed, and the rate at which new developments emerge is also increasing.  This means...
2020-07-22 23:44:51
Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to have earned an advanced medical degree to make an impact in the wide world of healthcare. Many entrepreneurs, fitness and wellness enthusiasts, and health-conscious consumers have paved fascinating and exciting careers for themselves in the healthcare...
2020-05-08 20:56:21
If you're facing a legal conundrum, chances are that you've asked yourself whether you need a lawyer or not. This can be a tough decision, especially for those who are in tough financial situations or are worried about the competency of their court-appointed attorney. In this article, we'll break...
2020-04-09 17:23:12
Buying a new gun should always be a process that involves research. You're not buying a toy - you're buying a weapon that needs to be used for a very specific purpose. Below are a few of the factors you need to test out before you buy a new gun. Accuracy This is one of the biggest things to...
2020-03-06 17:45:48
In the warm months, many homeowners trust their swamp cooler to keep them cool, but it doesn’t always work. Swamp coolers only work well in certain conditions, and even then they can usually only provide a limited amount of cool air. There are also often issues that develop from using them....
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