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Nishtha Sharma is an entrepreneur, SEO expert & the co-founder of Free blogging website - She has delegate experience and achievements in field of Search Engine Optimization with increase in ranking of website in short span of time. She contributed a lot of blogs when she co-founded s
2020-06-10 14:48:18
  As we all know, employee engagement is directly linked to higher retention rates and productivity. And in the present case scenario, the workforce wants effective communication, collaboration, frequent feedback and training. However, the traditional ways and channels come with several...
2020-06-10 14:41:27
In the past decade, a profound change has been observed in the way companies operate. Almost every industry is pushing convenience, self-service and customer service to a new realm of possibility. With a smartphone in hand and app for nearly everything, digital transformation has come up with...
2020-03-20 05:59:41
As we all know, completing NEET and IIT JEE exams on time is a difficult task. However, it is not impossible. Many students fail to complete the paper on time which results in fewer marks. Hence, each student must divide and assign their time to every question so that they finish the exam on or...
2020-03-20 05:47:37
There is always an ongoing debate about how different colours affect food presentation. We all know that food appearance is the first and longest impression the guests will notice. If the presentation of the food is bad, the brains will naturally tell one should not eat it or it may not be as they...
2020-02-25 06:50:17
Many former university colleges that offer some type of campus housing and many come with restrictions that motivate students to stay on campus. Some students at Pre University College demand that they stay on campus, especially in their first year, while others require that a student stay on...
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