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2019-11-12 07:40:27
DVB or Digital Video Broadcasting is being increasingly adopted as the standard for digital television in majority of countries. The DVB project was an industry led association of over 270 television broadcasting associated companies all across the globe. The DVB standard comes with many advantages...
2019-11-05 10:22:25
Google launched its smart home assistant, Google Home, around 3 years ago and since then it has become one of the leading smart devices on the market, together with Amazon’s Echo range and Apple’s Home Pod. And right since the launch of the original Google Home, the tech giant has also...
2019-09-05 10:42:33
Whether you are searching for a connected light bulb, security camera, or thermostat; begin with the bestsmart home products for every room in your house. Excited? Let’s begin! What is the Concept of Smart Home Technology? What if all devices in your life could connect to the internet? Not...
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