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2020-01-28 17:39:08
The pollution of air in China has always been rising at alarming levels, hence attracting international attention. Countries such as the US have been on the forefront of condemning China because of its ever-increasing levels of air pollution. For instance, the US Embassy in China indicated that the...
2020-01-10 06:19:36
The two allied health specialties, which were chosen for this investigation, include anesthesiologist and surgeon. Both medical specialties deal with the surgeries and are interconnected. Both surgeon and anesthesiologist work together during a typical workday in a hospital, a long-term care...
2019-11-19 20:10:26
After the Europeans discovered America ‘by accident’, they created empires and started enslavement of Africans. However, these interactions lasted for centuries. As a result, such cultural interaction made, on the one hand, a true disaster for Africans and Native Americans, and, on the...
2019-10-25 18:14:02
Nowadays, more and more people start to study online. It becomes quite affordable and usual. An increasing number of European and American studies have confirmed the fact that online learning is much more effective than conventional methods of education. Using audio and visual components along with...
2019-10-13 12:26:44
“Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara, and “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid are incredible stories which depict family relationships and appropriate values between the main characters. These authors demonstrate how the family affects the...
2019-10-03 13:45:50
The rapidly changing Constitution of the United States in regard to workforce has necessitated an increase in researches in the areas of gender and diversity in the workplaces. The development of legislative processes combined with activities of human rights institutions has led to an increased...
2019-08-06 09:22:13
Climate plays a major role in the life of individuals, and in the formation, development, and destruction of the entire human civilization. Many elements depend on it such as the well-being of society, human health, epidemiological situation, productivity, economic conditions, the pace and types of...
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