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2019-09-23 08:41:40
Blockchain is one of the most promising technologies that is making steady inroads in mainstream businesses. While leading enterprises are implementing blockchain to enable smart contracts, medium-sized businesses are using it to gain a competitive edge. They improve business efficiency...
2019-09-19 10:46:05
Benefits of Using Big Data in Supply Chain Management Big data analytics is playing an instrumental role in improving supply chain management. It resolves several pain points at strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Big data is making an impact on all supply chain activities. It ranges from...
2019-09-17 11:31:44
Aligning processes in the supply chain is essential to streamline transactions between buyers and suppliers. Hindered communication and transactions between business partners can lead to missed orders and late payments. Supply chain integration with electronic data interchange (EDI) enables...
2019-09-04 08:53:50
Accounting in Odoo 12: An Overview Accounting involves maintaining ledgers, recording assets, and counting liabilities to determine the economic position of a company. To enable businesses in keeping a record of their financial transactions Odoo launches its accounting software version 12. Odoo...
2019-07-15 13:13:41
Supply Chain Management in E-commerce Business efficiency at all operational levels is critical for the success of e-commerce. Supply chain management is an essential component of e-commerce. Supply chain management in e-commerce focusses on procurement of raw material, manufacturing, and...
2019-07-05 12:14:33
Odoo E-commerce Speed Optimisation: An Overview A DoubleClick by Google study has found that 53% of mobile site visits were abandoned if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load. Website speed is critical for engaging online users. They expect a highly responsive page, smooth navigation,...
2019-06-27 13:23:47
Supply Chain and Logistics KPIs: An Overview An efficient supply chain management system (SCM) is essential for businesses whose success depends on the swift and timely movement of goods. It exerts better control over the flow of goods from point-of-origin to point-of-sale. According to a Deloitte...
2019-06-19 13:37:07
A customer relationship management (CRM) solution efficiently manages an organization’s interactions with its existing and potential customers. It provides a 360-degree view of customer analysis. It effectively reveals customers’ order history, buying behavior, and their interactions....
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