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2020-01-14 05:27:50
Social media marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing strategies in recent times thanks to the exponentially increasing numbers of social media users worldwide. Stats would have us believe that 42% of the total population of the world uses social media which is a whopping 3.2 billion...
2020-01-14 05:25:04
What is a sales enablement strategy? In layman terms, a sales enablement strategy is a business function carried out by a number of departments in an organization to help their sales team be successful in their selling efforts to potential consumers. Sales enablement strategy allows the...
2019-09-17 12:37:17
Simply put Digital Media Sales means selling using digital media. But, don’t let the simple definition have you believe that digital media selling is just about digital marketing techniques such as SEO, content marketing, social media selling, etc. Digital media selling is a highly dynamic...
2019-07-11 10:28:46
Social content marketing can be understood as the meeting point of social media and content marketing. Social content marketing has grown in significance in recent times because the connection between the consumer and social B2B journey is growing. The basic social content marketing process is the...
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