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My name is Jamie and I'm an aspiring freelance writer. My career background is mainly in copywriting, working for various organisations in different industries. I like to share my insight and knowledge through articles on various topics.
2019-03-04 09:58:57
Another weekend passes by and you’re using your Sunday to get ready for the 5-day 9-5 work schedule again. Clothes are ironed, the alarm has been set and the great time you had over the weekend is now just a distant memory. It’s a common occurrence in most people's lives, and...
2019-03-04 09:34:36
Getting fired is a prospect that everyone dreads. Not only is an embarrassing blip on your resume, but it also leaves you in a vulnerable position where you need to quickly find new employment. While everyone would love the option to leave a job on their own terms, this simply isn’t the case...

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