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2019-04-19 09:18:04
Most of us are engaged in fulltime or conventional forms of an accounting and finance course but who wouldn’t like to supplement their knowledge right? You may even want to fill up your holidays with something educational that might be helpful in terms of building your career. But how can you...
2019-04-10 11:17:56
Are you thinking about continuing your education? Straight off the bat, there are a few reasons why people would rethink their decision to continue their higher education. One reason would definitely be the cost of it. Learning in universities do not come cheap whether you are a local student or...
2019-04-05 08:44:47
Did you know that online professional certifications are fast becoming one of the most preferred ways to study today? There are a lot of reasons for this. If you have been thinking about starting an online course and you still haven’t been able to make up your mind, here are some very good...
2019-01-30 14:04:56
Project management has long been practised organisations in order to deliver optimal performance in all regards.  However, it has been formally adapted only in recent times. Give it a thought… What really is project management? A project is unique, in the sense that it is not routine...
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