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2019-04-08 06:38:46
It might seem a bit weird to associate “cannabis” with “exercise,” but these two words can actually co-exist. If you’re looking to get healthy and toned, you should consider doing these two together. Studies have shown that marijuana is one of the best things that you...
2019-04-04 07:14:29
When you smoke or vape cannabis, you’ll immediately feel the effects because the psychoactive THC goes directly to your brain and bloodstream. Edibles, on the other hand, are a little more complicated. Your body has to ingest, metabolize and absorb it. Depending on several factors (like your...
2019-03-12 06:22:36
One common question from medical edible cannabis users is about determining the THC content of their homemade products. THC levels can vary widely, especially if the content of your starting material is usually not known. After baking your batch, can you even tell the amount of THC in every...
2019-02-28 10:00:20
Cannabis edibles make up a significant chunk of the marijuana business. According to industry leaders, this is not exactly a surprise: they’re discreet and are easy to dose compared to other forms of weed consumption. With marijuana legalization comes medicated gummies, cookies, chocolates,...
2019-02-21 07:06:47
Getting high on edible marijuana is one of the best feelings in the world. But once you realize that you’re too high, things can really go downhill. Whether it’s because the edible kicked in a few hours late, or you consumed too much cannabis candy, or you’re a newbie to weed...
2019-02-19 07:36:57
Cooking with marijuana is a great way to bring flavor and creativity together while enjoying the high that this well-loved plant provides. However, if you’ve never cooked with weed before, you might find it hard to get started, especially when you don’t really cook with food regularly...
2019-01-25 07:20:20
We’ve all heard what many people say about edible marijuana – how good it feels and how it can help your medical problems. But how does it actually feel to be high on weed? There are no right words to describe what it feels like to be high, but there are certain things that you can look...
2019-01-22 04:53:05
Marijuana is slowly becoming legal in more states and countries. Aside from its recreational benefits, it also has some proven benefits, such as long-term pain relief. Still, it can’t be denied that cannabis can cause bad effects on health (like exacerbating breathing problems), although some...

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