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2015-07-09 12:56:16
The general norm has been that a man should make an advance towards a lady if he likes her and for her to reject him if she doesn't, but not the other way around. Women who make advances are looked upon as wayward. That appears to be a double standard levied against women. It seems women have...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
Your child reaches the age where they are relentlessly ask a pet? As we all know to own a pet comes with enormous responsibility and it can be difficult to decide what suits not only your child, but the family pet. We have compiled a list of 5 best pets for small children. These animals are the...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
Protection of personal information has taken a hit with the rise of social media. And it doesn't seem it's going anywhere anytime soon. But thankfully, people are starting to hang on how their lives are accessible on the Internet. And it becomes an urgent problem with users and similar social...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
At least eight people were hospitalized after several houses collapsed in Philadelphia Monday morning, apparently after an explosion, a fire deparment official reported. A contractor was conducting rehabilitation work in a vacant House when it collapsed, Deputy Head of firefighters Robert...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
Two men in Northern California are due in court Wednesday as what began as another big pot bust, but has become a horrible story of torment, captivity and sexual abuse of a teenager. The criminal complaint against the two men - Ryan Balletto, 30, and Patrick Pearmain, 24 - described...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
Do you want to sell your used car, but you do not know how? Here are some tips to sell your used vehicle.   You can make some pretty good money if you know how to sell your used car. The obvious option would be to sell to dealer. This option is bound to offer you much less money as the...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
It only took a vote. Then a sentence. And the "special relationship " between Britain and the United States got shaken from its roots . The vote - that of British MPs who refused Thursday night, by 285 votes against 272 to provide military support for possible strikes on Syrian targets. Britain and...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
President Nicolas Maduro said that diplomats have 48 hours to leave the country, telling them "Yankees, go home!" Mr. Maduro said he has proof that the trio participated in a sabotage of the electrical networks in September and had bribed some Venezuelans to reduce production in...
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