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2020-02-14 09:15:40
A significant milestone in the life of a child is the beginning of their schooling. There is a feeling of apprehension mixed with excitement. For a lot of children, it is their first time being away from their parents. This is also a time when they will learn new things. It is very important for...
2020-01-06 09:55:26
To be able to do well in school, students have to develop good study habits. The way children behave in school can tell us a lot about how they will perform. If they do not show involvement in class activities and are uninterested, then they are likely to remain lazy towards home work and academics...
2019-12-05 06:54:24
Children can only grow and learn if they have freedom. However, child safety is also important. It may sometimes become difficult to handle toddlers if they are not taught restraint. Here are a few things ECE teachers can teach children to keep them safe.  1. Always Remember Your Address:Make...
2019-11-05 04:54:26
If you are an experienced early childhood education teacher, you must have already discovered that while some learning comes easy and immediately, other kinds of learning are tough and require repetition. A very important thing that you must realize, is that "unlearning" mistakes is...
2019-10-03 13:13:42
It is not easy to teach young children. However, it is an extremely important responsibility and must not be delegated to an amateur. Making use of stories for teaching is an effective method. When a teacher reads to children, he or she does not confine the student to academic excellence but...
2019-01-11 12:12:56
Developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) ensure that early childhood education offers opportunities for kids to learn  age - appropriate development skills.After all, it is senseless to expect a four -year old to learn in the same manner as a fourteen-year-old! A successful teacher knows...
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