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2019-01-16 05:21:55
Even the Wright brothers plane had a couple of dials near their seat in the plane. If nothing else, they at least had to know how much fuel they had in the fuel tanks. Without the presence of a working dial or two, as a pilot, you wouldn’t have the foggiest idea on what was happening in the...
2019-01-08 05:48:47
Either you are planning to upgrade from an older EDM to EDM 730 or are planning on replacing some analog dials with the EDM 730 but in either case, your choice of EDM 730 could not have been better. The Aircraft Engine Data Management 730 is an awesome piece of technology that offers clear,...
2018-12-14 15:07:11
The CHT Bayonet probes are the threaded probes and are commonly known as ‘CHT Bayonet Probes’. These are typically used on Lycoming engines in aircraft. Let us start with extending the CHT probes - most CHT probes available in the market feature cold-junction compensation....
2018-12-04 06:04:50
Features & Specifications of EDM 800 include: • Easy front panel programming by the pilots • 24 Pilot programmable alarm limits via front panel • No more calculating - displays both leaned temperatures below peak and peak. • Just 2 ¼” installation space...
2018-11-28 00:34:41
I once had this dream actually, a nightmare - I was flying my Cessna 152 over Florida Keys enjoying both the flight and the views when all of a sudden, I saw there were no engine monitors or gauges in the cockpit. My panic was so acute that I woke up with my heart pounding and then thanked my stars...
2018-11-17 00:20:08
For the uninitiated, the gas turbine you see in the single and twin-engine aircraft is an internal combustion engine that uses air to drive the engine and propeller, which in turn, propels the airplane. It achieves this with the help of heat energy from fuel that it converts to mechanical energy...

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