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2015-07-24 20:50:08
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has terminated its contract with Hulk Hogan, after a tape emerged of him using racist slurs.Hogan has since apologised, telling People: "It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it."The comments referred to came in...
2015-07-21 20:11:25
Speaking in South Carolina on Tuesday in front of hundreds at a rally, Donald Trump read out Sen. Lindsey Graham's private cell number and said people could use it to reach the South Carolina Senator. Trump and Graham have engaged in a public spat in the past few days as they battle for the...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
Looking for love online?Many successfully romantic couples , whether married or not probably met via a single online site . They were looking for love and have found success in their relationship search through the many steps in involved in moving from being strangers, looking for love and viewing...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
The male universe is filled with more or less imaginary and daring thoughts. Of course pornography is largely responsible for these fantansies. However, male fantasies hardly change with time and usually tilt towards sadomasochism, in most men.As for fantasies, each one has already been the subject...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
Researchers at cybersecurity firm Trustwave in a recent report released this week said hackers have stolen usernames and passwords for nearly two million accounts at Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter,  and others. The massive data breach was a result of a keylogging software that got...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
Losing weight takes time and significant effort. Use the following tips to help you lose weight fast. Keep your own personal food diary. Those who keep food diaries, in keeping with a study printed within the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and bioscience, lose a median of half-dozen pounds...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
Job Search Simplified: Fonolive Job Search Engine ( for a job in your field of interest and having a hard time finding one?Have you tried several job boards and still only find very few jobs that are relevant to you?Well, most businesses mainly post their jobs on their...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
Chris Brown likely heading to prison sentence after a judge revoked his probation Monday for his conviction in the beating of his girlfriend Rihanna. The alleged breach of Brown to hand over his driver's licence and information assurance to another driver after a minor road accident may raised...
2015-07-09 12:56:16
The international monetary fund wants more measures to put an end to the crisis in the eurozone. The IMF wants more progress on repair of the balance sheets of banks, so that the loan can be the kickoff. He also stated that further reductions in the interest rates by the European Central...
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