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2018-06-19 10:24:43
Proper packaging and shipment of temperature-sensitive products is a daunting task. Changing lifestyles due to rapid urbanization has led to a staggering rise in the demand for canned and ready-to-eat food products. With the growth in the food & beverage sector along with the widespread product...
2018-05-18 03:50:47
Injections are a common method of injecting drugs into a patient to prevent or cure diseases. However, it is an invasive mode of drug administration as it causes tissue damage. Moreover, injections can cause the transmission of diseases, especially when needles are repeated or used incorrectly. To...
2018-05-18 03:34:55
In pursuit of more targeted therapies and clinically effective drugs, pharmaceutical companies are increasing their research and development activities in biologics. Although a majority of this work is focused on monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and recombinant proteins, progress is being made in...
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