Purchase tutorial of durable iPhone 7 protective case

By chris


Why iPhone must match mobile phone shell? IPhone is relatively slippery and accidentally easy to fall off, so with a mobile phone shell protection will not scratch. IPhone is full-featured and able to use for a long time, if matching the protection of phone case, you can always make the phone as new. Besides phone shell has a variety of color for selecting so that you can decorate your phone as you will.


Apple’s products in the market are more and more welcomed by the vast number of consumers. In such a pleased condition iPhone shell came into being. For the majority of iPhone consumers, it provides a full range of mobile phone protection. IPhone case aims to a series of Apple products including MAC Book, IPOD Touch, iPhone, iPad and so on. Usually the value of Apple product is much higher than normal electric goods, and while in daily using it’s easy to be scratched because of collision and other reasons. So around it wrapping in a layer of plastic or leather protective shell shows the owner of its meticulous care.

On market there are more and more battery cases and mobile power chargers for Apple’s iPhones, the brands are also more and more complex. But the number of brands that really get MFI certification license from Apple is very few, only Mcdodo, MALA and Best have been authorized. Mcdodo company's products are famous as safety and profession in the industry, and the majority of users familiar with it. The Mcdodo battery case is really dedicated to Apple's product that responsible brand, becoming the first security brand of Apple MFI certification authorization products. IPhone battery case is one of its main promotional items. MILI with exquisite appearance unimpeded in the gift industry, its appearance in the country is indeed fine, based on MILI for high-end gifts, the first domestic gift Apple MFI certified brand, the price is also a little high, this is one of main indicators to buy gift. 


Diamonded phone case

Using rhinestones, butter, cakes, pearls and other decorations to paste on the mobile phone shell, so that mobile is full of personality, unique style and shining under the sun! Especially for young people who believe diamond is forever everlasting! Bright crystal diamonds is an indispensable choice for decorating mobile phones! Now the high specification crystal gives a true diamond effect. Your phone case can be full-page decoration, but also free to embellish, so that mobile phone case looks crystal flashing, attracting the envy of many eyes. If with painting pen to draw a few pattern, or flowers, or lines and other beautiful elements, it will look even more crystal clear, lifelike, what a wonderful match!


IMD/IML processed phone case

 IMD technology is the international popular surface decoration technology. The hard surface layer is a transparent polyester film, the middle layer is a printed design, and the back layer is an injection molding. These protect the surface from scratching, high frictional resistance to keep the bright colors without fading the protective cover on the surface of the anti-wear and scratches perfectly designed. You can easily control all the buttons and connectors to protect your iPhone from dusty and fingerprints. IMD/IML is widely adopted for producing mobile phone cases with 3D stereo scratch-resistant surface. It can be free to change the patterns, enhancing the appearance of beauty, reflecting the advantages of perfect shaped structure.


Relief phone case

Relief can make appearance of the phone shell appears three-dimensional effect. You can add a variety of three-dimensional pattern on the phone shell, combined with a variety of consumer demand, the new three-dimensional effect and ordinary 3D effects are very different, it is A statue similar to but different from an artistic statue. This type of phone case appears in Disney, LOI, Koma and other brands on the phone shell.


Painted phone case

Painting is a special use of paint or ink, through a large inkjet machine, processed from the basic characteristics of the surface of phone case. If it is only a layer of inkjet, then the pattern may eventually lead to fall off. But after the surface of phone case in processing, can eventually avoid that the pattern of phone case cannot be saved with good condition.


The determination of this processing is a certain degree of precise machine requirements. But the traditional printing and there is a big difference. The color of the cellphone case pattern is necessarily not as beautiful as imagined high-definition patterns. But because of its low production costs, moreover painted phone case also have a unique market. So it is for some consumers a good choice.


IPhone case styles

When viewing the sales date of mobile phone case from online shops, iPhone mobile phone shell style is mainly focusing on the structural innovation, the pattern of beautiful and general models consistent with the public taste of both young and old. Structural innovation often makes some subversive changes that will make the mobile phone case market has become unusually hot. Different styles of pattern let the whole market has become more interesting. Different consumers like different styles of phone case pattern. Indeed choices become increased. And a classic thing is often enduring.


Among so many phone case brands with different features, we have to learn comparing. The best choice is to choose high professional brand which is concentrated in the field of mobile phone shell or further concentrated in the female / male mobile phone shell field. These brands are often more able to explore the psychological needs of consumers to produce specific products for specific consumers with high satisfaction and reputation. For example, most mobile phone manufacturers are now mixed that suit both men and women. Positioning is very important, so as strong profession, different patterns bring wide selectivity.


On talking of the price of iPhone shell, it is always a very important element for vast number of consumers when on purchasing. Now External Battery Phone Case Rechargeable Charger Cover for iPhone 7 is offered on sale at Cell Phone Age com. You may saw such advertising words “Love her, best for her!”