14 Awesome Apps for Lawyers and Law Firms

By Helena

Lawyering tends to make the connection between time and money especially explicit, so the more that lawyers can do, the more they can earn. Being able to work quickly and efficiently using mobile phones is a major win.

Whether the activities include expedite keeping time, calendaring, or even deposition and court transcripts review via smartphone or tabley, these apps are here to help. For the top activities of lawyers and the law firm, here are some of the best and helpful apps:


This app is downloadable for both Android and iOS users. FastCase is a popular legal app putting the entire American law library in your pocket. There are statutes and detailed cases from all 50 states. Users of this app can search by statute collection or keywords such as compensation law and citations. It suggests the most relevant results first and lets you jump right to the most relevant part of any case in only one click. The app is free, but there is an option of premium accounts with a full FastCase subscription.


Casefox is a web-based program that allows lawyers to track time and maintain accurate records, featuring an app that gives users the same access to these useful law office tools. It also features rule based calendaring, task management, partner-associate fee splitting rules, phone message logging, discovery tracking, and secure communication with clients, among other features. The apps is free, but a subscription to Casefox is required to access the features.


TrialPad allows you to control your trial presentations from your iPad, allowing attorneys to view evidence from various different angles. Callout sections of text, highlight text, compare documents side-by-side, and more. This app is a little more pricey compared tp others on the list, which is $130.


This is a cloud-based legal practice management solution that allows you to take your practice on the road. It will allow you to access your client data securely, anywhere, anytime. With the Clio mobile app, you can track time, view client information, create new matters and contacts, and more. Moreover, Clio integrates with many of the other apps.

Negotiation 360

This app’s goal is to help you improve your negotiating skills. Created by Harvard Business School professor Michael Wheeler, Negotiation 360 seeks to make you a better negotiator. It records and analyzes data on your negotiations, including self-evaluations. It is an analytics tool for discovering your strengths and problem-solving style, and finding where you can improve your next negotiation.

LawGeex LawBot

The goal of this chatbot is to help people analyze legal contracts and documents. All it takes is to send a particular document to this bot, and it will provide a feedback regarding all the legal ins and outs of this document. This chatbot can explain what each part of a contract means and what details might be missing. As for now, it works in integration with Slack.

TimeClock Time Tracker

TimeClock tracks your billable hours and expenses, and allows users to produces spreadsheets and data for the time spent on a case. You can edit the time spent on a project, track mileage expenses, round off the time and much more.


Although this app can be useful for many other categories of people apart from lawyers, it is especially popular among the latter. Thanks to CamScanner, one can scan documents or handwritten notes and convert them into PDF images. Given that legal professionals tend to make hundreds of written notes per day, this app can save them a lot of time.

Talks On Law

Available for iOS users for free, Talks On Law is exactly what it sounds like. The idea behind this app is to provide legal professionals with interesting content that is both educational and entertaining at the same time. So with plenty of great features such as filters by topic, credit category, and date or search by speakers and tags, it becomes possible to learn new things about law while having fun. After all, lawyers need some rest too.

Law Dictionary

Law dictionary is an app that makes the law easy to read and understand. Simply type in the word you want to look up. The app allows you to bookmark it, save it for later use, or utilize the references it offers for further information. It also has a resources feature that allows you to access thelaw.com. This site allows you to access the law journal, find a lawyer, find legal forms, and obtain a case review.


CitizenshipWorks walks eligible immigrants through the naturalization process. Using the app, they’re able to determine their eligibility to become a U.S. citizen, find out what documents they need to make it happen, and discover access to free and low-cost legal help for naturalization. They also can use the app to study for two key tests that are part of the naturalization process: English and civics.


This is one easy way for clients to find lawyers and lawyers to find clients. LawZam invites people with legal problems to visit its site and post legal questions that its lawyers answer with an initial free consultation. The app includes videoconferencing, so both parties can get a good look at one another before they agree to do business. And the best part: LawZam is free for both lawyers and consumers because the app is designed to make money from advertising.

Burton's Legal Thesaurus

A legal thesaurus can make light work of writing memos, drafting correspondence, and proofing legal documents. It's something paralegals in any area will appreciate having on their device. Coming in at $49.99, it's not cheap -- but it is a valuable investment, and much easier to access the app version than lug around the print version.


A popular online notary service NotaryCam lets users get their documents legally and securely notarized in all 50 U.S. states. The app is currently available for iOS devices and provides notary services on demand, anytime and anywhere. Online notary services from NotaryCam are made through a professional network of certified notaries who create digital versions of documents that need to be notarized. Further by means of a webcam that’s connected to the app customers verify their identity and electronically sign the documents. NotaryCam is praised for its security, fraud prevention and convenience.