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INVERTER GENERATORS: What Is An Inverter Generator An inverter generator is a portable generator that produces direct current  (DC) power and then converts it to alternating current (AC) power. When one converts power from DC to AC, it ends up with a smoother electrical signal. This actually means that the electrical output one requires is the exact quantity that is released by the inverter depending on what one plugs into the inverter generator. Therefore when one demands lower power, the engine of the inverter would run at slow speed emitting less noise and reducing the fuel consumption. This conversion from DC to AC power makes the inverter generator suitable and safer for use on electrical devices such as computers, phones and other electronics. Amazon Current Price Nomenclature These units employ the technologies used by both generators and inverters, hence the name “inverter generators” but in some cases it could be abridged to “inverter”. Inverter Generators are also sometimes referred to as "I-Generators". Due to this innovation some people refer to this tech as “PowerSmart” technology. Specifications Inverter generators have a wide range of specifications and the best inverter generator one could purchase will depend on a number of elements such as: the product brand and model; the recommended use; the colour; power generated (usually in Watts); assembled product dimensions; decibels; fuel type consumption; combustion etc. Some examples of inverters one could find on the market inter alia are the Champion inverter generator and the Ryobi inverter generator. These inverters come in various specifications and models.   An example of an inverter generator: the Champion Power Equipment 3400 Watt CARB Gasoline Inverter Generator   Key Features On An Inverter Generator Inverter generators have a couple of features that make them standout. The following are a few features that could be found on a Ryobi RYI2200 inverter generator with an output power of 1800 watts and a start-up power of 2200 watts:
  • Monitoring System – Power, Over Load, Low Oil Alerts
  • Wheels and Extendable Handle for Easy Transport
  • Parallel Kit Capable – Combine Two Units for Twice the Power (sold separately)
  • Super Quiet: Quieter than a conversation
  • Clean Power: Safe for sensitive electronics
  • Auto-Idle: Runs longer and saves fuel
  • 3 Step Easy Starting: Choke, pull start cord and run
Amazon Current Price Uses Inverter generators as well as general inverters are both dependable and have long-lasting power that could be used in a variety of activities and situations. Inverter generators are good for purpose utilities during recreational activities such as camping, refrigerators, heating, freezers and air systems and for powering work sites equipment including plugging sensitive apparatuses like computers, phones, tablets, electronic toiletries, leaf blowers etc. What Makes The Inverter Generator Different From Other Conventional Generators?
  • Heavy weighted generator
  • Light weighted generator
  • Mechanical alternator generates AC power
  • Digital electronic alternator converts DC power to AC power
  • Have a greater output
  • Electrical output is suitable for powering sensitive electronic equipment and devices
  • Emits more noise and consumes more fuel
  • Significantly quieter and more fuel efficient because alternators run at lower speeds
  • Good for extended run time and have a constant power output irrespective of the electrical demand i.e. the apparatus or equipment plugged in
  • Produces power on demand that means they only produce the electricity that you actually are demanding from it based on what you plug into the inverter generator
  • Runs at a constant revolution per minute (rpm)
  • Variable speeds (rpm) depending on specific electronic demand
  • Price relative more affordable to inverter generator equivalents
  • Price comparatively higher because of the higher electronics utilised and the technologic merge
  • Usually have a harmonic distortion of more than 5 %
  • Cleaner, smoother, steadier flow of power with a harmonic distortion of < 5 %
  Amazon Current Price The Pros And Cons Of Inverter Generators
  • Fairly easy setup
  • Relatively more expensive
  • Portable and produces electricity on demand
  • Not usually exceptionally powerful
  • Very quiet (noise could be compared to that of a conversation)
  • Some have flimsy paper funnel for adding oil
  • Auto idle option is awesome & saves fuel
  • Repairs is more difficult due to the higher electronics used
  • Electrical output is suitable for powering sensitive electronic equipment and devices
  • Possibility of double power intensity i.e. combine and expand 2 separate units into 1 so as to generate twice the Power
  • Impressively portable and very mobile with its easy to lift handle design sometimes an additional expanding handle + roller wheels for quick transport without any strain.
  Safety Recommendations The main danger of using a generator is the emission of carbon monoxide (CO), which is a poisonous and toxic gas that can kill in minutes. The gas is odourless and tasteless. The following precautions should be respected in the advent of the purchase and use of a generator:
  • Do not run a generator in enclosed spaces like basement, garage etc. ;
  • Do not run a generator in the rain;
  • Do not refuel your home generator while it’s running ;
  • Direct the engine exhaust away from potentially occupied spaces.
Best Buy The purchase of the best inverter generator would depend on the use one has planned for it. The selection criteria for the acquisition of an appropriate or best I-Generator should take into consideration the setup, design, start-up, power and value or cost. One is advised to match the specifications of the inverter generator to the use preview. Ultimately the specs of the inverter generator one acquires should meet the advocated or destined usage. Amazon Current Price Tags: inverter generators, inverter generator reviews, yamaha inverter generator, best inverter generator, generator inverter, champion inverter generator, ryobi inverter generator