Creative Ways to Name Your Business

By Bless

Choosing a business name can be a major lead to its success. The process of coming up with a business name should always be a gratifying one. Just with a few well-chosen words you can come up with a highly desirable business name. One which will lead to the great success of your business thereby giving instant tangibility to your entrepreneurial legacy. It is absolutely worth the effort and time to choose your business name wisely. One of the most important and first step for any business is choosing for it a suitable name. One which inspires confidence to the public. As previously mentioned choosing a business name has much to do with its success. You might end up with something that sends the wrong message if you choose a wrong name. If you want to be successful, your business name needs to completely define your identity as it says what’s special about your business. Snap decisions are made by so many simply based on their first impression of your business name. Of course you want a name that would attract potential customers, build your business identity and help clients identify your business.Take good time and think about the market you want to sell in and why customers will buy from you rather than buying from someone else’s. A customer on getting a good business name knows already what to expect from the business as goods or services. An example here could be seen with the Early Learning centre which appeals to all parents since it tells them the toys they market are educational for young children.

If your business is aimed at providing a service, make a proper decision whether your business name should describe your unique solution to the problem or customer’s problem. A vehicle breakdown service for example could call itself Panic Breakdowns which serves principally at emphasizing the negative state of mind of the customer. It could also call itself Instant Rescue which immediately sends out a reassuring message informing vehicle owners of help which is at hand. If you are dealing with oversea customers, make sure that the name you are choosing won’t cause you any troubles after translation. At this point a good translation agency would assist you in choosing a name which is not offensive in another language.

What are the considerations to be taken when making your selection? How can you choose a business name? Simply pick up a sheet of blank paper together with a pen and find a quiet place for reflection. Let jotting down as many names as you can be your only goal. For the more you jot down the better. From the list, pick up around ten for a closer analysis. Look for a name which is simple yet informative, compact yet complete and exclusive yet inclusive. The following strategies could be used to help generate ideas;

Associate your business with…….

  1. A favourite street, city, town, country or any other major geographic reference. The reason why geographic names are good is for the fact they do not have any apparent meaning. For this reason they can create a positive image associated to the chosen state, town or city. An example here can be New Asian Village.
  2. Animals. In possession of an animal in your name can better offer itself to interesting logo designs. An example here can be Lion business machines.
  3. Established Companies. In choosing a business name, you can add credibility to your business by simply using the reputation of a larger company. But you must first get permission and meet licensing requirements. An example here can be Ford Auto Body Repair.
  4. Mythical Figures. Since the industrial revolution took place, legendary figures turn out to positively influence business success through their popular names. An example here can be the Unicorn Driving School.
  5. Quality and High standards of production. In coming up with a business name, you can use one which guarantees the quality of your goods and services.An example here can be Muffler Pro.
  6. Royalty or some other upper class social structures. An example here can be the Royal Bank of Canada.
  7. Well known historical figures in the world. An example here can be the Pyramid promotions.

Completely combine everyday words related to your business in to one

By so doing, anyone can predict what your business is all about by just getting its name. Examples here can be Fabriozone Cleaning System and Weldangrind Construction.

Inspire confidence

There are so many who have been taught since birth to never trust a stranger until he proves himself a friend. The bottom line in coming up with a business name is not to give a prospective customer an excuse to dare doubt you from the beginning. In choosing a business name, come up with words that imply honesty thereby overcoming the natural distrust in humans. An example her is the Honest Abe’s Shoe Store.

Make your name sound bigger than you really are

Absolutely no one needs to be aware you are walking out of a kitchen. Make them think you own a skyscraper. An example here will be the Century Towers.

Eliminate names that are too unwieldy

Keep your name short and easy to remember

In coming up with a business name it is very important to note that short names are easily remembered than long ones. They also turn to be ideal for logo designs. For a name to be easily remembered, it must be easy to pronounce, spell and rolls off easily on the tongue.

Your business would be in trouble if no one can remember its name or face lots of difficulties pronouncing it. Below are some essential points to think of when you start eliminating all complicated names.

  • It is essential to avoid names that are more than 2 or 3 syllables.
  • Avoid all names with a set of numbers hard to remember or set of initials difficult to remember
  • Make sure you eliminate all names that do not sound good. This is because a good business name must be able to roll off the tongue easily.

Eliminate the name that aren’t web-ready

After you must have narrowed your list to a considerable standard, it is important to eliminate any names that do not have any available URLs. You need to purchase an already existing website from a customer who already owns it. It is always very easy to take things afresh. At this point, simply make a web search and find out if the name is already available online.

Tell customers your business location

In coming up with a business name, you can choose one which indicates the place where the business is located making customers easily find you. An example of such is the Boyle Street Clinic.

Avoid being a copy cat

It is never advisable to copy similar or existing names. This is solely because the point of marketing is to differentiate your business and stand out. So pick out a name which is distinctive enough to standout from competition.

Consider the Future

Always think big when coming up with a business name and think of the future. It is advisable to take on a name which can grow as your business grows.

The following are characteristics of a good business name

  • Creates a different kind of image
  • Identifies your market needs
  • Persuades people to use your company
  • Avoids confusion with other companies

The insufficiencies of illiterate names

  • For the fact they have been used too much, they are no longer easily noticed
  • They fail to describe the product or service accurately
  • They are bad as they will make children learn wrong spellings.

Reasons to take on simple business names

  • Easy to remember
  • Give a personal touch
  • Inspire confidence
  • Describe the product accurately

Ways to make your business name stand out

  • Make the name of your business have an unusual letter in it
  • Put your advertisements in different directories
  • Pick out an easy name which people can say easily over the phone

Advice for businesses selling oversea

  • Provide a translation of your company name into your customer’s language
  • Make sure you use a good translation agency to translate the product instructions
  • Make sure the business name is not a rude word in another language

There exist business name generators which can be of great help should in case you face difficulties in choosing a business name. Below is a list of principal business name generators.


This is a business name generator which is very easy to use by any entrepreneur who is in search of a suitable business name for his business. With it, you simply input a word or words and it generates a list of possible business names from which you can choose. The tool has the ability of identifying which domain names are available and suitable for each possible business.

Dot-O-Mator Name Generator

This is a very simple business name generator which displays a name randomly whenever you click the button. Here you can choose to keep a running list of names displayed and later check if the domain name is available as well.


This is a business name generator which allows you to enter in a word, letters, syllables and it offers you possible names for your business.


This is a business name generator which allows you to enter specific criteria for it to generate a list of 24,816 names for each search. Here you have the possibility of specifying syllable, root word, number of syllables required and letter. If you wish, you can Rhymes, Latin or Greek roots together with other words for variation.

NetSubstance.Com Brand Name Generator

Based on key words you identify, this business name generator will randomly generate business names from which you can choose.

A creative company name being one which is influenced by creativity usually stands out as the best in the domain. This is because these names generally play with our curiousness for new things in the world. If you have a creative company name which is unique, appealing and original it will serve your audience best. It is the name that makes a brand. The responsibility of your business name is maintaining your company’s identity together with its distinctiveness. A reason why a brandable, made-up name remains the best. Being creative has to do with letting go of all your preconceived rules and notions. Branding stands for a creative game which requires getting closer with your customers. Being a company, you must first generate a creative company name which can inspire your audience and attract them connect with your audience through your company’s name. Get a creative company name which strikes in the mind of your audience making you stand out amongst myriad of competitors. The sound which is produced by your business name should be able to subconsciously impact your audience. You should use word blend or some other creative linguistic to bring up a creative company name.

Below are the steps to take for a creative company name;

What are your Visions, passions and values?                      

The best name for a company you can take is one which reflects your visions, passions and values. Put down in writing 8 descriptive words about your vision, passion and values. Use these as a starting point for choosing the best name for company after brainstorming. In order to find the perfect word for your business, you need to take some time and brainstorm with the help of others.

Make sure the name you choose reflect you and your niche market

The best name for company should reflect completely who you are and all ideal clients you want to attract to your business. People before meeting you in person always get your business name first. Quickly get into action by identifying your niche market as you define what you do and for who.

  • Let your business name be a future proof. Make sure you get the best name for company as it would be difficult to change it later after building a profile.
  • Check if anybody got a registered trademark under this business name. This information can be found at the intellectual property office. At this point a specialist intellectual property lawyer canbe of good help.

Making your business name legal

There are a couple of legal implications for registering or using your business name. At first place you need to check out that no one is already using your proposed business name as you might be required to stop using the name. If no one is already using the name, you are free to register it for your business. You should note here that this does not give you any legal protection against other people using the business name unless you trademark your name.

After you have picked out a few number of possible names out of the initial wide list, and think could be your business name, it is important to carry out the following tests;

Carry out your research:

First of all take on a consumer research by testing out the five or so names with your potential customers. This is aimed at getting their impression and seeing how they respond to the names. As an alternative, you can even decide to talk about the name with a focus group. This is to see how a group of people will react to the different names one after the other. Make sure you get their reactions on each name mentioned as this would be of great help in choosing the final name. Hearing how other people react to the name can help you pick out the best name. Make sure the test is carried out with people who can possibly make your custom base. This is for better results.

Doodle each name:

Even though it sounds funny, you can only get a better sound for what works for each name after you have written it down. This can also be done by drawing it, or even doodling a potential logo for the business. It is important to have a sense of how the word will look like on a page. It would make you better decide if it will look good hanging over your business entrance.

Say each name aloud:

It is very important in choosing the best name for your company to say each name written on your list aloud. This is because saying each name aloud will assist you find which name roles off the tongue smoothly. It also permeates you pick out which sounds the best. This will give you an idea of how your business name sounds over the radio or television.

Mistakes to avoid when designating a business name

Naming a business is not different from laying a cornerstone of a building. In order to help you get off to a good start, read the following common mistakes people make when it comes to choosing the best name for company.

Getting the committee involved in your decision:

Due to the fact we are living in a democratic society, it seems to be the right thing to do by involving everyone (your friends, employees, family and clients) in any important decision making. Nevertheless, this approach presents a few problems. The most obvious which is eventually the first is the fact that you will end up choosing just one name, so you still risk alienating all the people you are trying to involve. The second being the fact that you will end up with a consensus decision a better approach is involving only the key decision makers. Always remember the fewer the better. Make sure in selection, only the people you feel have the company’s best interest at heart are selected.

By employing the train wreck method of creating a name: 

Many aspiring entrepreneurs when forced to come up with a catchy name, simply pick up part of an adjective and weld it on to a noun thereby creating a new word. Generally the results are names that have a certain twisted rationale to them, but really look and sound awful. The problem with this approach is the fact that it is forced and it simply sounds that way.

Using words so plain they’ll never stand out in a crowd:

In a category, the first company can get away with this one. But once there is competition, differentiation is required. For once, imagine Yahoo came out as GeneralInternetDirectory.com, yes the name is more descriptive but difficult to memorise. So it is very important to take on a well-conceived name.

Making your business name so obscure that customers will never know what it means:

For a name to have a special meaning or significance is quite great. It can set up a message which can be used to tell the company’s history. You may probably never have the opportunity to speak to that customer if the reference is too obscure.

Taking on the campbell’s soup approach in selecting a name:

So many companies driven by the need for a matching domain name have resorted to awkwardly purposefully misspelled names. The end results of such are company names that sound more like prescription drugs than in real life businesses. In choosing a good business name, it is important to avoid the use of ‘’K’’ in the place of ‘’Q’’ and the use of ‘’ph’’ in the place of ‘’f’’ in words. For this makes locating you over the internet very difficult.

Choosing the Wrong name and refusing to change it:

There exist so many business owners who all know they have a problem with their name but sit back hoping things would someday turn for better. By so doing, they keep on facing the same difficulties as time pass by. It is very important to change the name of your business if you realise it is not the best and won’t work for its profitability. This should be done in time before completely building up your business profile as this might turn to be very difficult later.